Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder - Ebru's Story
Ebru Evrim is the founder and owner of the Ebru Evrim yoga, pilates and activewear brand.
Ebru moved to Skipton, North Yorkshire in 2015 with her family from Istanbul, Turkey. She worked in the health sector in her early career then worked in advertising agencies with universal brands. Ebru then went on to run a beauty salon in Istanbul, working with fashion gurus and helping to organise local fashion events.

Ebru grew up doing various sports but swimming was her passion. She was in the swimming team at the young age of 13, training 5 days a week. That structure, and that discipline, was the fire in Ebru's belly and sparked the creative ambition in her that we know and love today!
Ebru's Yoga Journey
 Ebru's yoga journey started in 2007 with Raj yoga and meditation practice in Istanbul, followed by 200 hours of Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in India and Polestar Pilates Teacher Training in Leeds. There she had the incredible opportunity to practice Restorative Yoga Training with Judith Lasater, who did an extensive study with B. K. S. Iyengar in India and in the United States. 

Here's what Ebru has to say about her practice:
"I have always been passionate about doing exercise, mindfulness and spiritual practices. I have learned a lot from my own journey and I am still learning. I have met many people during this process and now I am using my teaching skills and my know-how to support others in their own mind, body and spiritual journey."
 For this reason, Ebru then decided to open her state-of-the-art yoga and pilates studio and exclusive activewear range.
Ebru now has nearly 20 different freelance and Ebru Evrim staff, including teachers, studio managers, and a retail and marketing team, working alongside her.

Now, with an explosion of awareness of yoga’s health benefits to a much wider Western audience and a thriving studio community, came the challenge of preventing injury. Ebru discovered through her own practice and research that by blending a scientific Polestar Pilates training into Yoga practice, alongside 121 teaching, she could minimise the chances of injury and maximize the incredible health benefits of yoga and pilates.